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The flow control valve is a kind of hydraulic valve to control the flow by changing the flow area of the valve port (local resistance of the throttle port) or the length of the flow passage. The working speed of the actuator in the hydraulic system is determined by the flow of oil into the actuator.

Notes of Flow Control Valve

Recommended viscosity 15 to 400mm2/s (For the valve with a return oil damper, the viscosity range must be 20 to 200mm2/s)
Recommended oil Petroleum base hydraulic oil - equivalent to ISO Vg32, Vg46 and Vg68 oil
Synthetic hydraulic oil - phosphate ester hydraulic oil
Water base hydraulic oil – water-glycol hydraulic oil
Working temperature -15 to 70℃
Pollution control Please ensure the pollution level to be NAS1638-11
Flow adjustment When you adjust the flow, loosen the elastic nut, slowly turn the handle clockwise to reduce the flow or counter clockwise to increase the flow. Don’t forget to lock the nut after finishing adjustment.