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P.O. Check Valve


The modular pilot-operated check valve will allow free flow in one direction and block flow in the opposite direction. It functions to positively hold the actuator in a neutral position. Movement is restored by an automatic pilot pressure signal when the directional control valve shifts to move the actuator. It operates on the A & B ports.

As a modular valve, this valve mounts between an NFPA D08 size directional control valve and the subplate. A longer than standard bolt kit is required when mounting modular valves in a stack. Refer to bolt kits.

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Max. operating pressure 250 BAR (3675 PSI)
Max. flow capacity 300 LPM (79 GPM)



UNIT: mm(inch) WEIGHT: 3.3 kgs(7.28 lbs) Mounting Surface: ISO 4401-AB-03-4-A