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The Northman 25V Series pump is a fixed displacement, hydraulic balanced vane pump. This high performance intravane pump for industrial applications features high pressure capability with 12 vanes for low noise. The available flow ratings for the 25V series are from 10 GPM to 21 GPM at 1200 RPM. Viton seals are standard. Standard rotation is right-hand (clockwise), with left-hand rotation (counterclockwise) available ("L" option). The flange mounting is the SAE "B" two-bolt standard. The outlet port may be oriented in any one of four positions.

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Model Code


Model Code

Performance Curves
25V Single Pump

SAE 10W Fluid at 120°F.
Pump Inlet at 0" hg.

Based on Petroleum Oil: 120°F (49°C), Viscosity 150 SUS at 100°F (38°C), 0 Inlet PSI
Model Flow Code GPM @ 1200 RPM & 100 PSI Displacement in³/r (cm³/r) Max. Speed RPM Max. Pressure PSI (BAR) Weight Lbs (Kg)
25V 10 1.98 (32.5) 1800 2500 (172) 32.0 (14.5)
12 2.44 (40)
14 2.62 (43)
17 3.36 (55)
21 4.09 (67)
25V Single Pump
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